Here we go

Blog 1A

I have wanted to start a blog for the past couple of year and had big plans last summer to set something up. However, at that time I also decided it was time for a change at work and so spent a number of months applying for jobs. Then I got myself a new job in May and have been a bit preoccupied with that since then. BUT….it’s the summer holidays again now and I have another 3 weeks off work so I’m having a go at this. I have the usual thoughts of “no one will be interested”, “what if I get horrible comments” and “I can’t write very well”  but at the very least it will be a way of getting things out of my over thinking head and sharing them with others (hopefully, or I may just be talking to myself).  The hardest bit has been pressing the “publish” button and sending this off into the internet.

This definitely isn’t another mum/parenting blog.  I mean, I am a mum so no doubt there’ll be child related stuff but that’s not what the focus of this will be.   I also don’t want it to be a big moan-fest about how hard life is or a lot of humble bragging about being #blessed.  Life is a mixed bag and for all the amazing photos of holidays that are being posted on social media at the moment you can guarantee there’s been flight delays or tantrums from children or arguments between friends or partners. For all the mum blogs about how annoying kids are and how they are winning at parenting for giving the kids fish fingers for tea there are days when the kids all get on and make you laugh until you cry.

There will be all sorts of ramblings but I know one of my main focus points will be well-being and self-care. I am passionate about well-being in the workplace but also aware not everyone works or that some people work on their own at home. So many of us just don’t take care of ourselves properly. Lack of sleep, no exercise, not eating properly, not giving ourselves time or allowing ourselves to f*** up sometimes.  I’d love to share some of my thoughts on this and hope that readers will comment and open up some honest discussions.  When you’re struggling one of the best things is to find out other people feel the same about things and it’s not just you.

I will be talking about being a parent and a working parent (that’s what I am so there’s no getting away from it). There might be a bit about body image (though I am not on a weight loss journey and won’t be posting before and after pictures). There will probably also be some stuff about days out I have with my kids and ideas for things to do as a few people have asked me to blog about this!

There won’t be much specific stuff about my workplace (current and past), though I could write a book about my experiences over the past few years. Unfortunately confidentiality stops me doing this…  I do want to talk about stress at work, office politics and as an HR professional am always happy to give advice if people need it!

I will also be trying to cajole friends and other people I know through social media to do guest blogs. So if you’re interested let me know.  Some of you will be getting requests.

Oh and the name of the blog is the best i could come up with.  It sort of encapsulates the fact that we’re all working on it.  Working on being a good person, being a friend, being a parent, doing our best at work, finding our happy in life.

Now I’ve just got to start writing I guess!


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