A top ten list

There’s already a great blog about lists by Clemmie Telford https://motherofalllists.com so I’m not going to do loads of list based blogs.  However, when I was thinking about what I’d write about I started to think about things I like and things I don’t like.  What makes me happy and what doesn’t.  That then reminded me of something from my teenage years.  My best friend and I used to spend every Sunday afternoon listening to Phillip Schofield on Radio 1 followed by the Chart Show and whilst doing this we would compile our top ten fit men lists (yes, I know….)

So in the spirit of this I’ve compiled my top ten things that make me happy and top ten things that do my head in.

DISCLAIMER – it’s a given that family and friends make me happy so they’re not on this top ten countdown, pop pickers.

What makes me happy

  1. Pottering in the kitchen with 6 Music on. Apart from when Cerys Matthews is on.
  2. Walking through forests and woods – quiet and still and space to breath.
  3. Pub beer gardens with friends
  4. Crisps – Walkers or Pringles or Hula Hoops or any of your old school crisps. None of the kettle chips bullshit – greasy interlopers.
  5. Cheese and biscuits – I’d eat this for lunch and dinner every day if I could. (or dinner and tea for my northern friends and family).
  6. The feeling after a long run that went well – she says having not done a proper run for about 2 years. I did a half marathon once, only 3 years ago. Can’t run for a bus now. Need to find a way to get back into it. I’ve got specially moulded running shoes and a Garmin for god’s sake.
  7. Dr Who with David Tennant in it – I mean he’s the best Doctor right?
  8. Oliver Bonas – just so many necklaces to choose from. Unfortunately at the moment I’m too fat for their clothes though.  See points 4, 5 and 6…
  9. Expensive beauty products – that quite honestly probably don’t do any better a job than cheap stuff but I’m a sucker for nice packaging.
  10. The first night of a holiday when you’ve unpacked and sit out with a nice cold glass of wine or a beer.

What doesn’t…

  1. Painted wine glasses – no thank you
  2. Inspirational quotes stencilled on household walls – please make it stop, I don’t want to dance like no one’s watching and I know my house is full of love, I don’t need it stencilled on my bloody living room wall
  3. Those “share if you have a sister you love” things on Facebook. I mean why??
  4. Office politics – just go to work and do the job you’re paid to do then go home. I’ll talk more about this stuff another time but I think the crux of these problems is down to everyone being insecure and having self doubt.
  5. Restaurants that don’t have on line booking or don’t take bookings at all. I don’t want to have to do it on the phone when you can’t hear me because you’re in a noisy restaurant and I don’t want to turn up and not get a table when I’m hangry.
  6. People who are always late – you’re basically saying your time is more important than mine
  7. Airports, they’re so stressful. Queues, constantly checking if you have your passport and boarding pass, having to find your boarding pass when you’re at the till in Duty Free, will you miss your gate number coming on screen. It gets even worse when you travel with young children. Have they run off, will check in believe the 5 year old is the same child as the 3 month old in the passport photo, will they fall asleep in the buggy just as you have to get them out to go through security.
  8. The “I’ll keep looking at you until you find a solution to my problem” stare. As an HR manager this happens a lot. Someone asks me a question that I have no idea about or that’s nothing to do with my role. I’ll state that then they just stand in my doorway and stare hoping I’ll suddenly say “oh sorry I’ve just remembered I do know the answer”
  9. People who are dicks – just don’t be a dick, simple.
  10. The fact that being quiet and introverted is seen as a bad thing. I grew up being told by relatives and teachers “oh you’re always so quiet” So what? I don’t go around saying to people “blimey do you ever shut up”.  I’ll no doubt be blogging about this again too, along with social anxiety.

Life is stressful and difficult sometimes and really knowing what makes you happy and finding time for these things is so important.  I’d love for people to share their own top ten lists (happy things, fit men or otherwise!)

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2 thoughts on “A top ten list

  1. Really interesting to read your comment about people saying ‘you’re always quiet’ I stopped saying this to the parents of my students years ago when I realised that just because a child was quiet it didn’t mean they weren’t involved and thinking. Society values extroverts so highly and at the expense of introverts who can be so much more interesting!

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    • I spent my years at secondary school with teachers saying to my parents, she’s doing well but very quiet, she needs to speak more in class. Really annoying


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